Life Changing Incident!

An incident which not only changed my life but changed my perception towards life.

I am a 23 year old guy, working in a software company named ‘TCS’ from the last 18 months in my hometown. I was living a monotonous life.

One day I went to eat pav-bhaaji on a road side stall. Two brothers were working in that stall. One was preparing it and the other one was serving it. As it was six in the evening, so they were expecting customers and I was the first one. I gave the order and in the meanwhile I started chatting with the younger brother who was waiting tables. He had a nice athletic body. I asked him do you study? Just one simple question and he went on….

He said “I am in college – 1st year, I have my chemistry practicals tomorrow and after that I have a football match in the evening”. I asked him when will he study? He replied in a relaxed manner, as soon as I reach home around 11 pm , I will study the whole night and I also have to practice some special football moves so that I can impress our college girls. I asked him how do you practice?? He said “I don’t have TV at my home, so I tell my friends to download videos and they give it to me. By looking at the videos in my mobile, I practice”. Then his elder brother started to say – “He is a great footballer, everyone in his college calls him Ronaldo”, and he went on!!

I asked the younger brother which footballer does he follow?

His reply blew my mind, he said “I dont have time to follow any footballer. I just learn through videos and practice so that some day everyone will follow me. ”

I asked him, It must be difficult for you managing college, stall, football all together?

He smiled and said its not at all difficult, I enjoy what I do..

For getting a degree I have to go to college..

For learning special skills, I have to practice football.

For earning money, I have to work at this stall.

But still life is very good to me, he added. I want to support my family, and my brother who is doing everything he can to ensure I don’t have any hindrances to my studies and my football practice ( recently he gifted me with pair of boots 🙂 ).

PS : This incident really made me think that if a person in such conditions can be this happy and excited, anyone in this entire world can be!!

Here I present the terrific twins …. after all they deserve all the limelight!

A Soul Satisfying Incident!!

The most soulful and Heartfelt moment…

During my engineering days, I shared my flat with a Muslim guy of Kashmir. He was senior to me and was pursuing MBA from my college itself. He had family issues, his mother had expired when he was 16 years old. His father was married again and he had kids with his new wife.

This guy (my flatmate) is the most generous person I have met till today. He was so polite, so genuine, so logical, and the sense of responsibility he had for everyone was amazing. I was younger to him and he did everything to make sure I was safe out there in my college ( during ragging times) not only me, he took care of everyone (juniors) he knew.

He had a picture and a letter from her mother which he always carried with himself in his wallet. He used to cherish it every single day with munificence.

One weekend we went to a movie, after the movie we got some snacks, biscuits, juices etc from big bazaar which he kept in his backpack he was carrying.

We had to catch the bus of Haryana Roadways ( One of India’s state bus service). After struggling few minutes at the bus station, we finally got our bus, which was going till Ambala ( One of the cities in Haryana). The bus was overfilled with passengers, so we were standing. After one or two stops, luckily I got a seat. I asked for the backpack because he was still standing, he handed me the bag and I kept it on the rack above my seat. we were left with half an hour journey when he also got the seat. Finally, our stop came and the bus was crowded so we rushed towards the gate quickly and we landed at our bus stop. Within few seconds, he said ” My bag ” and I was like Shitt I left it on the bus. Haryana roadway buses don’t stop for more than one minute. He then said in whispering voice, ” my wallet was also in the bag, I kept it in my bag after I bought the tickets ” and I was like shit!! I felt so guilty for those couple of minutes I was not able to react.

I don’t know what came in my mind and I started running after the bus, which was on a highway and I was literally running on a Highway ( NH1- New Delhi–Atari ). After few minutes when I realized this is not going to work I took a lift from a bike in that particular minute. I had a very good luck that day that the next stop was only 3-4 km from our stop. I reached there just a minute later than the bus and thank god, the bus was standing there. I went and took the bag quickly and took an auto to my stop.

Meanwhile in the auto, I was so relieved and felt so happy for him.

He must have lost all his hopes that he will read that letter again, but I did not let that happen. he had quite a few pictures of his mom on his laptop but the letter was the last piece of conversation from his mom!!

When I returned him the bag, the happiness in his eyes was priceless. It was the best feeling in the world.

PS: It was all my fault, I agree, but what I did to make sure he doesn’t lose the last thing his mother gave him  makes me the most happiest person. He still thanks me all the time for this incident.

In my life, this is the most emotional, deep, profound incident which I can never forget!!

The below picture is of the guy who gave me such a moment of responsibility and happiness at the same time.

Mr. Tufail Mushtaq 🙂


एक प्यारी सी मुस्कान और एक मीठी सी उड़ान हो तुम,

एक प्रज्वलित दीप और मोतियों का सीप हो तुम,

तुम्हारे कोमल हथेलिओं की थापकियों से आज फ़िर मूझे सुलादो..

बचपन का कोई मीठा सा किस्सा आज फिर मूझे सुनादो..

Happy Mother’s Day Maa..

Build a Life, Not just Money…

In today’s era, no one has time. Everyone is busy.

For what?

For becoming successful.

For becoming a millionaire.

For having the most lavish life.

People fear of failures. why?

Its just because it will step you down?

Failures are only failures when we don’t learn from them, because when we learn from them, they become lessons.

The challenge we have is that we only talk about people’s failures when they succeed. That is the main reason why we feel failures never happened to successful people but that’s not exactly the case.

Steve jobs said “You can’t connect the dots moving forward, you only can when you’re looking backwards”

I will just elaborate a story…

Once a Professor went to his class where his students were eagerly waiting for him. He took out a Rs 500 note and asked his students whether anyone wants it?

Each and every student raised his hand for that Rs 500 note.

He then folded the note and asked the same question, still all the hands went up.

He then crumpled the note and asked the same question, still all the hands went up.

He then chucked the note on the ground screwed it with his shoe and asked the same question, still all the hands went up.

This lands the students to an important lesson which the Professor was trying to elaborate through this example.

“No matter, how crumpled the note was, how much scrunched up the note was, how many times it was trodden on, everyone still wanted it, why?

Because it was still worth 500 bucks.

In the same way that that Rs 500 note held its value, so do YOU, No matter how many times Life will tread on you, Life will crumple you, Life will scrunch you and Life will squeeze you, but You will always keep your value.. that spark within us all of bliss, knowledge and eternity that exists, that spark will never be taken away.

Our value is not created by the value of our clothes or our bank balance or the job title that we have rather it is created by our thought process, our well being, how we treat people.

In a world full of cruel and selfish people, we can contribute our part and that’s actually a very small thing to do. All we have to do is Be kind to people who you know won’t be of any help to you. If you can do this, believe me… Success is coming towards you very soon.


Eyes closed, heart beating slowly, my skin too transparent to face the outer world, so I was kept hidden into something, all curled.

It felt I was in a liquid cube, carelessly kicking around and floating getting my energy from an umbilical tube.

I could feel the warmth and the velvet cushion around me, staying in this wet wonderful world of care was my heart’s only plea.

As months passed by, I grew stronger and had close attachments with my plasma bed.

The thought of world outside freaked me, then I could here a soothing sweet voice but no one could I see.

But a day came when the cushion around me started to drain out, it took me with it to the new brighter world and with me came a shout,

“IT’s A BOY”.

I was pulled away from my first abode, which had tube hanging out as it was still trying to hold.

I was helpless and all I could do was cry, they cut the tube away from my belly and I felt I would die.

but then wrapped in furry white clothes I was taken to my ‘MOTHER’.

The touch she had was softer and more tender then my liquid abode, and her kiss on my forehead made all my helplessness erode..

She then hugged and kissed me again, and what it did was it made me forget all my pain.

she said

she loved me, then I knew that she was the one who gave me the nine months of care and love, that even trying being the best son in the universe, I would never deserve.

I too fell in love with her, but I could not say that to her and I was so torn…

I missed to propose my first love the day I was born.

I missed to express my feelings for her the same day she did to me…

This being the only regret of my life and always will be.

I still regret this but I can only repent for my mistake by saying to her ‘I love you, maa’ everyday of my life from the moment I learned to speak.


Find Me!!

You see age in me, my wrinkles and grey hair

My thick lenses and the thin bones I bear

Look beneath all this, there is a man who has seen all

A man that has learned life the hard way, yet stands tall

You see poverty in me, my shabby trouser and shirt

My humble work kit and the job of being covered in dirt

Look beneath all this, there is a man with a strong work ethic

A man who built it all, family, food and home, brick by brick

You see sadness in me, my expressionless face and stoic eyes

My great labor and all that for a thrifty prize

Look beneath all this, there is a man so honest and proud

A man who would live the same way, if allowed

The problem my friend lies when you just see

Look closer and you shall find me.



Change, the one which is not required!

As the world is growing, people have started moving faster. Some aware and some unaware of their respective destination, but all moving. Despite knowing the consequences, Everyone is busy moving to the next level.

Is it what is Life all about??

Few points which I would like to enlighten which I have observed about the difference between earlier generations and this generations are mentioned below.

1. Earlier People used to eat food inside the house and go outside to loo, but Now, People eat the food outside and come inside the house to loo.

2.Earlier people used to go to work by cycle and used to show off their cars occasionally at some special places, but Now, People go to work by car and show off their cycles occasionally.

3.Earlier Lunch,Dinner was made by wives and the dancers were called from outside, but Now, wives dance in home and Cook comes for making Lunch and Dinner.

4.Earlier people used to value feelings, emotions, sentiments, but Now materials such as mobile, laptops etc are of more importance.

5.Earlier, Friendship meant life long companionship of two person, but Now till the time the two person are using each other, they will be together, else will separate from each other. We are moving towards Convenient Friendship.

There are many such changes which are observed, I have listed only a few of them. But the question here is ” Do we really need THIS kind of change?” Or we should rather focus on moving towards a progressive change.

Think about it. I will come back with a proper explanation of Progressive change in my next post. Keep Reading.