ज़िन्दगी बदल रही है, ढूंढ रही है मुझको।

दिल है कि मानता नहीं, समझता नहीं तुझको।

एक तरफ है ममता तो दूसरी ओर है सपना,

इन सपनों को हासिल करते करते, रह ना जाए पीछे कोई अपना!

सांस रुकी है ममता पे,

धड़कन देखे सपना,

इस कशमकश के बीच बदल रही ज़िन्दगी!!

चाहता हूं खुश करूं,

मजबूर हूं कुछ इस तरह।

एक अलग एहसास है, दोहरा रहा इतिहास है।

वक़्त यही था, हालात भी,

बस कल तू था, आज मैं हूं।

                       *** क्षितिज वत्स ***


Learn to Give.

This is not my story but I could not resist myself from posting it.


While riding early morning from Narsipatnam to Lambasingi I stopped at a village for breakfast. There was a table set out outside a hut along the village road and an old man was making tea. I asked for a cup of tea and something to eat. The old man pointed to the tea and then said something in his local language that I didn’t understand. I made the sign for food and he turned to his wife who was standing close by. She pointed me to a bench outside their hut, asked me to sit down and went inside the hut. After a few moments she emerged with a place of idlis and chutney which I enjoyed along with the tea.

After I was done I asked the old man how much I owed him and he replied with “5 rupees”. I knew I was in one of the most backward areas of India, but 5 bucks seemed too less for a plateful of idlis with chutney and a tea. I showed my astonishment using sign language and the old man pointed to the tea once again. I pointed to the empty plate of idlis and his wife said something which I again didn’t understand. But it seemed that they were charging me only for the tea.

I protested and pointed to the plate once again and they both smiled at me. That was the moment I realised that theirs was merely a tea stall and they had given me some of their own breakfast, which meant there would be less for their family to eat that morning.

I stayed quiet for a moment as I wrapped my head around what had just happened. I then reached into my wallet, took out some money and handed it to the old man. He refused to take it, but I insisted and after some pleading he finally gave in.
As I rode up the ghat to Lambasingi I couldn’t stop thinking about the old couple and the life lesson I learned from them. 

You haven’t truly given until you have given till it hurts.



A Night to Remember!

I work at my hometown which is Jamshedpur, a small and clean city maintained by giant steel manufacturers TATA STEEL.
I work at an IT firm which requires me to be available 24*7 as I mentioned in my resume that I am flexible 😀
So you must have guessed, I work in shifts.

The other day when I was leaving for my Night shift, an incident happened which I can never forget.
It was mid of August and it was raining heavily.
Generally, I go to work by my personal vehicle but as it was raining I decided to use public transport. I had my dinner, got ready and went to the stand from where I could get an auto rickshaw. As it was raining, it became really difficult for me to get one, because my city generally slows down at 08:30 PM and I was standing there at 9 PM.
After a lot of struggle, I got one. After few minutes, an old lady who must be in her 60’s came in.

Image result for old sad indian lady

(Although, she did not look like this, but the emotion on her face was more or less equivalent to this lady. I took it from Google as she totally matches the grief and torment of the old lady.)

From the time she entered, she was weeping silently. I had no clue what is to be done but after a couple of minutes, I could not resist myself and our conversation went somewhat like this (It happened in HINDI, I have given all my efforts to convert it to English with the same feelings, I hope I do justice to it )
Me- “what happened! Why are you crying”?
She gave me a mollifying smile and said she came to see her husband (who was not well from a couple of days), and she had to leave because her son’s daughter was unwell and both of their parents were working.

Her husband was a retired employee of Tata Steel and both of them lived here in Jamshedpur from the last 35 years.
Her Son was settled in Mumbai with his wife and their daughter.
To my incredulity, I asked her that why she is not happy as she was going to meet her son?
And then she started crying again.
She said “I left my husband at this critical stage just because my son wanted me to take care of his daughter. He always wants me to be with him, just to make sure, his daughter does not have any problem. She is my granddaughter too and I love her very much, but does that mean, I should leave my husband and go over to his place to make sure they both can work without any tussles in their lives. They both have private jobs, they cannot take leaves but does that rationalize that my husband should be the one who will suffer all his life??
He gave all his life just to ensure his son gets a high standard of living, and he made him capable enough to achieve that.
And now when his father needs his back and support, he is busy enjoying that lifestyle.
His father had a cardiac arrest and he cannot travel. Doctors have advised him complete bed rest. He is very well aware of the situation but he doesn’t have time to visit his father once.
Just for the sake of that lavish life, he is ignoring his own father who had relinquished every single thing to make him successful.
How can children be so selfish?
When it comes to their daughter, he does all my tickets and wants me there immediately because if I won’t go, who will take care of their daughter.
But what about my husband? He is alone here, he also needs support at this point in time. Keeping a maid won’t be enough.
This person, who is my husband is still ready to sacrifice everything for his very own son, at this critical stage. So why can’t my son understand the constraints???

I was dumbstruck and could not say anything.
I could not believe she said all this at once without stopping.
I had no clue how should I console her, I just said don’t worry, its just a bad phase, time will heal everything.
To which she replied “No, it won’t”
She gave me the last piece of advice saying

“Never hurt your parents and always take good care of them. They don’t need your money, they just need few kind words and a little attention from your busy world. Always remember if you follow this, Life will pay you back in its own way.”

I hope her son realises his mistake and makes his parents happy and proud again.

PS: This incident taught me to not overlook our parent’s needs at an age they need us the most. Life has its own way of turning things round. If your parents are happy, no power in this world can stop you from becoming successful.

Keep Calm and Love your Parents!!

“The Coffee”

“Realize deeply, that the present moment is all you ever have”

It was raining heavily that night. I went to drop my brother at the railway station of my city (Tatanagar). It somehow looked like this.

(This is not a real picture, It is copied from google just to give you guys a better understanding of the scenario)

As the train was late by an hour, I and my brother decided to have a walk on the platform in which his train was supposed to come.

After some time, we sat down on the chair available at the platforms in India.

While we were discussing things about our new venture, an old lady came to us carrying a heavy and dirty bag with her. She had few coins in her hand.

She said “Beta 2 rupye de do, dukaan mein bol rha hai 10 rupye nahi hai ye (pointing to the coins in hand)— coffee pina hai beta

(She asked for Rs 2, as the coffee which she wanted to purchase was of Rs 10 and the shopkeeper was not giving her the coffee by the coins she had already, which was Rs 8 in total)

Till this moment I was just considering her a normal beggar who makes excuses to get money.

But still I took out my wallet, and Unfortunately, I had no change except a 5 rupee coin.

When I gave her the 5 rupee coin, she was least interested in knowing what amount she is getting rather she asked me,”beta, 10 rupye ho gye na” ( Is it 10 rupee now?) by showing me all the coins she had.

I made her understand that I gave her an extra 3 rupees, which she can use tomorrow.

That old girl literally blew my mind saying “Thank you beta, coffee peena hai. Thank you.” (Thank You, son, I just want to drink coffee. Thank You)

This old girl did not know how to count her coins but she was so courteous that she thanked me! WOW.

I saw her going to the shop and giving the coins she had in her hand to the shopkeeper ( I kept the extra 3 rupees in her bag when I told her to use it tomorrow. So she had a total of Rs 10 in her hand )

The shopkeeper handed her the coffee. The expression which I saw on her face after the first sip of coffee was priceless.

She was so enjoying it, I loved watching her drink the coffee.

I wish I could make you all see the happiness in her eyes.

I missed the chance to get a pic of her 😦

We are always worried about something or the other. Incidents like this make us realize the real importance of happiness, which is not really dependent on what we have. It’s inside us.

This old lady just wanted a coffee for her happiness. I was giving her extra money but she was more interested in her present happiness which was obviously ‘The Coffee’.

PS: What can be a better example than this for people who run after a life which will surely ensure a better standard of living in future, but ruining their present?

After this incident, I realized “The Eternal Life is given to those who live in the present”

Life Changing Incident!

An incident which not only changed my life but changed my perception towards life.

I am a 23 year old guy, working in a software company named ‘TCS’ from the last 18 months in my hometown. I was living a monotonous life.

One day I went to eat pav-bhaaji on a road side stall. Two brothers were working in that stall. One was preparing it and the other one was serving it. As it was six in the evening, so they were expecting customers and I was the first one. I gave the order and in the meanwhile I started chatting with the younger brother who was waiting tables. He had a nice athletic body. I asked him do you study? Just one simple question and he went on….

He said “I am in college – 1st year, I have my chemistry practicals tomorrow and after that I have a football match in the evening”. I asked him when will he study? He replied in a relaxed manner, as soon as I reach home around 11 pm , I will study the whole night and I also have to practice some special football moves so that I can impress our college girls. I asked him how do you practice?? He said “I don’t have TV at my home, so I tell my friends to download videos and they give it to me. By looking at the videos in my mobile, I practice”. Then his elder brother started to say – “He is a great footballer, everyone in his college calls him Ronaldo”, and he went on!!

I asked the younger brother which footballer does he follow?

His reply blew my mind, he said “I dont have time to follow any footballer. I just learn through videos and practice so that some day everyone will follow me. ”

I asked him, It must be difficult for you managing college, stall, football all together?

He smiled and said its not at all difficult, I enjoy what I do..

For getting a degree I have to go to college..

For learning special skills, I have to practice football.

For earning money, I have to work at this stall.

But still life is very good to me, he added. I want to support my family, and my brother who is doing everything he can to ensure I don’t have any hindrances to my studies and my football practice ( recently he gifted me with pair of boots 🙂 ).

PS : This incident really made me think that if a person in such conditions can be this happy and excited, anyone in this entire world can be!!

Here I present the terrific twins …. after all they deserve all the limelight!

A Soul Satisfying Incident!!

The most soulful and Heartfelt moment…

During my engineering days, I shared my flat with a Muslim guy of Kashmir. He was senior to me and was pursuing MBA from my college itself. He had family issues, his mother had expired when he was 16 years old. His father was married again and he had kids with his new wife.

This guy (my flatmate) is the most generous person I have met till today. He was so polite, so genuine, so logical, and the sense of responsibility he had for everyone was amazing. I was younger to him and he did everything to make sure I was safe out there in my college ( during ragging times) not only me, he took care of everyone (juniors) he knew.

He had a picture and a letter from her mother which he always carried with himself in his wallet. He used to cherish it every single day with munificence.

One weekend we went to a movie, after the movie we got some snacks, biscuits, juices etc from big bazaar which he kept in his backpack he was carrying.

We had to catch the bus of Haryana Roadways ( One of India’s state bus service). After struggling few minutes at the bus station, we finally got our bus, which was going till Ambala ( One of the cities in Haryana). The bus was overfilled with passengers, so we were standing. After one or two stops, luckily I got a seat. I asked for the backpack because he was still standing, he handed me the bag and I kept it on the rack above my seat. we were left with half an hour journey when he also got the seat. Finally, our stop came and the bus was crowded so we rushed towards the gate quickly and we landed at our bus stop. Within few seconds, he said ” My bag ” and I was like Shitt I left it on the bus. Haryana roadway buses don’t stop for more than one minute. He then said in whispering voice, ” my wallet was also in the bag, I kept it in my bag after I bought the tickets ” and I was like shit!! I felt so guilty for those couple of minutes I was not able to react.

I don’t know what came in my mind and I started running after the bus, which was on a highway and I was literally running on a Highway ( NH1- New Delhi–Atari ). After few minutes when I realized this is not going to work I took a lift from a bike in that particular minute. I had a very good luck that day that the next stop was only 3-4 km from our stop. I reached there just a minute later than the bus and thank god, the bus was standing there. I went and took the bag quickly and took an auto to my stop.

Meanwhile in the auto, I was so relieved and felt so happy for him.

He must have lost all his hopes that he will read that letter again, but I did not let that happen. he had quite a few pictures of his mom on his laptop but the letter was the last piece of conversation from his mom!!

When I returned him the bag, the happiness in his eyes was priceless. It was the best feeling in the world.

PS: It was all my fault, I agree, but what I did to make sure he doesn’t lose the last thing his mother gave him  makes me the most happiest person. He still thanks me all the time for this incident.

In my life, this is the most emotional, deep, profound incident which I can never forget!!

The below picture is of the guy who gave me such a moment of responsibility and happiness at the same time.

Mr. Tufail Mushtaq 🙂


एक प्यारी सी मुस्कान और एक मीठी सी उड़ान हो तुम,

एक प्रज्वलित दीप और मोतियों का सीप हो तुम,

तुम्हारे कोमल हथेलिओं की थापकियों से आज फ़िर मूझे सुलादो..

बचपन का कोई मीठा सा किस्सा आज फिर मूझे सुनादो..

Happy Mother’s Day Maa..